Dear Ring Around The Rosie Families,

I hope that this letter finds everyone well and ready to get back to some kind of normalcy. I am happy to announce that our school will re-open on Monday, June 15th to all families. If you are interested in sending your child back to school, I would like to explain a few new policies that we have put into place for everyone's safety.

1. Enclosed you will find a sample of the Daily Health Screening form that will be performed each day at arrival. Only one adult and your children attending the program will be allowed into the screening area. Please practice social distancing while waiting for your screening. Only children who pass the screening will be able to stay for that day's program. Your child will walk into the classroom with a staff member where they will wash their hands by the State approved method. Staff members will have to pass the Daily Screening too.

2. Children will wash hands at arrival, before eating, after touching their face, after using the bathroom, sneezing into their elbow or a tissue, coming back into the school from the playground, right before leaving the building and any other time they are directed by a staff member.

3. No outside toys from home will be allowed at school. The only items students should bring and label are the following. Lunch and two snacks, extra change of clothes, diapers if needed and bedding. The school will supply all other items for the program.

4. At this time, we will be suspending all large group activities, visits from other organizations as well as educational professionals. We will limit group sizes, stop item sharing, and maximize space between our centers and activities.

5. All outside playground equipment and inside items and surfaces will be going through "DEEP" cleaning several times a day by the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations.

6. We will keep you informed as guidelines are adjusted by the State.

If interested in attending our program please call 732-929-9008 or 732-674-6611.

My Staff and I are committed to the welfare of all of our families.


Susan Cowdrick