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Our goals for each classroom.

Please remember that each child is  unique and will develop socially, emotionally, as well as academically, at a different pace. Click on the class room name on the left for even more information.

Curriculum for 2 and 3 year olds classrooms.  (The Blue Room)

* Help emotional and social development by encouraging self-confidence, self-expression, and self discipline.

* Improve and expand the child's ability to think, reason, and speak clearly.

* Increase the childs ability to cooperate and get along with others.

* Develop coordination of large muscle movement, walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and climbing.

* Develop the ability to control the childs body in a variety of activities, balanding, bending, stooping, twisting, and stretching.

Curriculum for 3 and 4 year old classrooms. (The Yellow Room)

*Social and emotional development
*Knows first and last names
*Recognizes primart colors
*Recognized basic shapes
*Introduction to matching forms and shapes
*Introduction to small and large
*Body awareness
*Expresses feelings positively
*Knows manners
*Positive self-image
*Increase Attention Span
*Recognizes Letters
*Introduction of the days of the week and months
*Sharing time for language development.
*Expanded verbal descriptions of objects and actions
*Introductions to following 1 and 2 step directions
*Number readiness
*Large motor development
*Introduction to hopping, gallop, and marching
*Introduction to the balance beam
*Visual motor
*Hold crayons and markets appropriately
*Introduction to tracing
*Introduction to cutting
*Develop hand-eye coordination
*Participation in planned group times
*Introduction to health and safety

Curriculum for Pre-K classrooms. (The Red Room)

* Social and emotional development
* Recognizes full names
* Sharing
* Body Awareness
* Knows Manners
* Respectful of others and property
* Positive self-image
* Communicates with peers and adults
* Increase attention span
* Transition
* Cooperation
* Recognizes primary colors and secondary colors
* Understanding color mixing
* Recognizes basic and complex shapes (matches forms and shapes)
* Introduction to patterns
* Recalls objects (4-5)
* Grouping and categorizing objects
* Sequencing (up to 4)
* Same and different
* More and less
* First and last
* Small and large
* Language and reading skills
* Rhyming words
* Opposites
* Recall and comprehension of short story
* Recognition of upper and lower case letters
* Introduction to printing letters
* Print first name
* Recognize printed last name
* Introduction to left and right
* Number readiness
* Count numbers (0-15)
* Introduction to tracing and writing numbers (0-15)
* Large motor development, hopping and skipping
* Throwing and catching a ball
* Balance on one foot
* Walking on a balance beam
* Holding a pencil appropriately
* Cut on lines
* Lacing
* Introduction to tying shoes